Onion Knight
HP: 268/268
MP:    0/ 0/ 0/ 0
0/ 0/ 0/ 0

HP: 302/302
MP:    0/ 0/ 0/ 0
0/ 0/ 0/ 0

HP: 254/254
MP:    13/ 5/ 3/ 1
0/ 0/ 0/ 0

HP: 244/244
MP:    12/ 4/ 2/ 1
0/ 0/ 0/ 0


Hi! My name is Kevin/groggydog (he/him) and I'm primarily known for speedrunning games and writing beginners' guides. I'm a fiendishly curious hobbyist, and one of my favorite things in the world is learning a completely new genre of games or artistic endeavors. In that light, I decided to compile all my random blogs and hobbies under one web umbrella and showcase some of the things I'm most proud of. You can find them all on the menu to the right.

I've also got a deep and abiding love of the Final Fantasy franchise. I have happily beaten every mainline Final Fantasy game, and am perhaps too eager to share my thoughts on the games. You can find my cursory opinions here.

This website was written entirely in Notepad and is based the menu from the original NES version of Final Fantasy III (JP) - which I thought was a lovely game.

Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @groggydogFF.

First and foremost, I've been in the speedrunning and randomizing community for a few years now. You can see my Profile here, where I've currently got two world records in wonderful indie games: 198X and Golf Club: Wasteland. I've participated in two Speedgaming charity marathons (2020 and 2021) and the European Speedrunners Assembly (Summer 2021 Marathon) with Chocobo Racing. I also wrote the beginner's guide to the River City Girls - Normal speedrun.

I've competed in the Final Fantasy (NES) Randomizer over the years, including being the 2020 Duckling Derby Champion, earning Top 16 in the 2020 and 2021 Spring Tournaments, and taking 3rd place in the Fall 2020 Team League with C.F.C.F. I currently maintain A Beginner's Guide to the FF Randomizer, the FF Randomizer Sprite Compendium, and my own pair of FFR Trackers.

Finally, I'm a passionate Final Fantasy XIV player. You can find my main character, Comrade Kupo on the Crystal DC, Coeurl server. I also wrote an extensive guide to earning the Triple Triad Magicked Card Mount.

I paint tabletop miniatures under the pseudonym "Kevnobi" and frequently post my work on places like Instagram and my Etsy Shop, Kevnobi Models & Minis. On my Instagram you can find my most recent miniatures, as well as the Gunpla models and diroamas that I build and detail.

I also formerly kept a (now retired) Star Wars: Legion Beginner's Blog called Imperial Discipline. It has been retired and archived for viewing, and still has a lot of helpful information for people looking to start painting miniatures.

Ever since I learned HTML on Expages and Angelfire (and maybe a little bit of Neopets as well) as a kid, I've loved messing around with it and CSS to make fun and/or useful websites. I am very much a passionate amateur. You can see some of my projects below: